hellooooo im cain but u can call me xue as well! im an ageless syshost & introject of Too many people that uses she/it/they/he (in order of preference; dont use it if ur white thx) & neos (the body is 17 & chinese/white). im an aporagender lesbian as well as INTP 6w5 684 (6w5 8w9 4w5) sp/so! idk my other stuff yet so itll be on here eventually

other than no kins/das/fictives of rei sakuma, wei wuxian, kaeya alberich, & cain knightley (fictives are ok for him), & no one under 15 i have no dni; current mutuals are exempt. i dont feel the need to have one as i block extremely freely dont take it personally if ur blocked Oh also dm for triggers & tag kaokana, reikao, & kanata shinkai thx

note: i partially split off from the old host so i do act extremely similar to her (elis went dormant at the end of july). hes back now but doesnt like fronting, dont try to talk to it unless we're close.

Domo-kun Cute